Why Susan Nekesa is trending.The disease Chebukati Infected her with


Susan Nekesa is a Luhya who is calling for justice. She claims that she met Wafula Chebukati I 2020 and they became lovers. She later gave birth to Wafula’s child. Susan thought that Chebukati would take care of the kid, but she was wrong. The former IEBC Chairman refused completely and went into hiding, he cut communications with Susan.

One of the secrets she has revealed is that Wafula Chebukati infected her with HIV and left her suffering. Susan has been treating the disease alone,to the extent of lacking money to buy drugs.

For the past one month,Susan has been trying to reach him but Chebukati is not reachable.Wafula has been in hospital receiving treatment.Susan now wants the government to compel Chebukati to take care of his baby and treatment.