Beautiful photos of Shiro Ka Ribui who ended her life alongside her daughter


Shiro Ka Ribui is dead. The beautiful lady was working as a Nurse and her salary was decent. However, she had underlying issues that pushed her into the wall, leading to the unfortunate actions. She is a mother of 1, a daughter.

Shiro had left a suicide note which read:

“sitaacha mtoto wangu akiteswa.Where I go I don’t know but I will go with you”

She woke up on the fateful morning and threw herself in a river together with the daughter. Villagers found her lifeless body few hours later.

Shiro had been a nurse for 6 years, earning Ksh 40,000 to Ksh 60,000. She delivered the daughter 5 years ago but the boyfriend refused to take care of the daughter. The deceased got into depression, she felt lonely, she was also complaining of her work—she was overworked. She saw suicide as the best decision, a route that led to eternal rest.

Here are the beautiful photos of Shiro Ka Ribui