Woman who makes Ksh 10 million per month through a snake she has kept in the house


This woman has revealed the secret of her wealth. She is one of the wealthiest women in East Africa.

The lady, who lives with a snake in her house, is not married but her wealth is the talk of the town.

A few years ago, she was living in a slum, wallowing in poverty. However, her desire to cross over to the other side bore fruits.

“I was living in abject poverty, eating one meal per day. But one lady introduced me to this snake. She called me and said if I want to become rich,I should follow her to where she takes me.We went all the way to the sea where we stayed for 4 days.I was introduced to the underworld and warned against revealing the secrets. I was then given a snake to take home and given instructions on how to take care of it.

I took the snake home and put it in a secret room without lights. I would wake up every morning and collect money from there. The money enabled me to move from a small house to a mansion. It gives me Ksh 10 million per month.

The problem is that I am not allowed to invest the money. But I am allowed to buy cars, expensive things and food”, the woman said

Many Kenyans have shockingly asked to know where the woman lives so as to connect them to those giving snake for wealth.