Photo of a beautiful house built by Mkisii Ni Mkisii comedian Cyprian Osoro


Mkisii ni Mkisii comedian Cyprian Osoro has posted a photo of a house he built for his father.The two bedroom house is sitting in Kisii and has a flat room.After completion,he unveiled it.

“We left home to change home! Project done! Dad took these pics and told me to be proud of me! May it inspire someone! “, he wrote on his social media page

Cyprian has been a comedian for over 5 years under the Mkisii ni Mkisii brand. He set aside Ksh 2.5 million which was used to build the house.It’s a 2 bedroom house with a flat roof.

In Kenya, there is a growing tendency of building flat roof houses.This is because they take less time to finish and they are cheaper. A 2-bedroom house will cost Ksh 2.5 million if it’s flat roof but with a hip roof,you will spend more than Ksh 3 million.