WHO IS Prince Indah


Evans Ochieng Owino popularly known as Prince Indah was as born on 9th August 1994 in Murumba Village, Siaya County.

He is the third born in a family of 5 children; that is after EDWIN and WINNIE but before EUGINE and AMILO.

His father Meshack Owino and mother Caroline Achieng’ were at his care in the then residence Huruma Flats in Nairobi. Indah was raised in the suburbs of Huruma.


He started Education at Daima Primary School in Huruma up to class 3 in 2003 when his father died, he was then transferred to Oloma Murumba Primary School in Ugunja Sub-County where he sat for KCPE examination in the year 2008. His determination, efforts and hardwork was seen in the results of his KCPE where he managed to gunner 360marks. Later in 2010, he joined Missions Of Hope High School, Machakos County. However, he dropped out from school in 2012 from form 3 after to nurse his mother who was the bread winner and fell sick. Suddenly after a long illness, she succumbed to the illness in 2013.

He faced a hard time in life, he lacked even a relative who could support his further education, Indah decided to pursue manual labour that included engaging in ‘Mjengo activities which he undertook for quite sometime in order to sustain himself in the city.


He had the tendency of going to night clubs in the evening after work, this was mostly where Ohangla was playing live around Huruma. Every weekend, he could walk around in clubs for a live band and sit next to the podium just to study the performance. The exchange of hands with sticks across and over the drums impressed him most. He could enjoy by nodding his head and demonstrating jovially just as the drummers performed their crafts.

Nice songs of Emma Jalamo (who is also his paternal UNCLE) with the rich voice he longed to adopt, the welcoming band crew inspired him most when he attended their shows more so at Starehe Hotel in Huruma. He could go by stage and pick up the shakers and shake, sit by the Drum-sets and play them just to show his interest in music. There and then, he was granted a chance to join Ramogi Ohangla Rhumba (R. O. R) led by Emma Jalamo mainly because of his cooperation, being active and quick response whenever he was called upon.

At R. O. R, he was on a mission of being keen, studying and following every instruction. He wanted to be a Musician not a shaker or a drumist! His commitment saw him promoted to be the curtain raiser and the backup singer to Emma Jalamo. Now this was it; an opportunity that he couldn’t let go!


At that milestone, he was determined to give a powerful combination of songs during his stage performance. He got the opportunity of composing more songs for himself; he perfected his stage performance from that opportunity.

In September 2014, he recorded his 1st album of 6 tracks with the main hit being ‘CINDERELLA’. The album also featured Adeka Engineer, Nyakisumu pt1, Pokna, Uchumi and Ken Soldier.

Considering Jalamo’s experience and massive followings in the industry, he is indeed the King of Ohangla, Indah adopted himself as the name Prince; as the son of a KING. Adding to his local name ‘INDAH’ then you get his full stage name PRINCE INDAH.

In October 2016, he recorded his 2nd album ‘Tend WEMA’ and Launched it on 23rd December the same year to start off his own band which was named; MALAIKA MUSICALS and at the moment is composed of 21 Members and 2 Managers.

On 27th June 2017, he came to luminous and the ‘talk of town’ among other artists the moment he dropped a controversial SINGLE RELEASE HIT ‘Nyakisumu Part 2’. This gained him massive fame. He named the album ‘WECHE HERA’ and scheduled its Launch on 4th November the same year with 7 tracks in total. He became an Ohangla Maestro!

On 8th April 2019, Indah popped up again with a ‘lethal hit’ KWACH OGOLO KOKE!!!

The title alone away from the Song sent shivers in the OHANGLA’S WORLD spines. It was a hit. Guess what? He never hesitated…

On 11th October 2019 he raised the bar higher in the whole Ohangla industry, another Single Hit ‘NYAR MIGORI’ was dropped. This was then Ohangla Refined. On the 9th of November 2019; barely one month later, he scheduled The 4th Mega Launch of ‘KITABU MAR HERA ALBUM’ at the heart of Eastlands Suburbs(Shujaa Mall Grounds). A history was made and recorded down into the books to be read by upcoming generations.


He is now determined to change the face of Local Ohangla Music and push it to an international market. He wants to be the Ambassador of Luo Music to the World.

Indah does not have any part time job apart from music.

It is his dream to open up a business as well as an Academy(Malaika Musicals Empire) when God sees him through a music career.