How I got scammed by Tips Hub who pretended to be providing Sportpesa jackpot predictions



“I am a regular gambler, I bet for Sportpesa Midweek and Mega Jackpots. I got scammed by Tips Hub thrice after they claimed that they provide the best Sportpesa Mega Jackpot tips.

Saturday morning while I was busy taking tea,I received a random message from “Tips-Hub” which calls itself a prediction site.They had indicated how their customers won the previous week.I got impressed because the amount of money they had won was high.

Tips-Hub provided a Till Number 5586521 which I was required to use to pay Ksh 50 to get the tips.I thought Ksh 50 was little and sent the money.The jackpot was to start at 5 pm.I waited for more than 6 hours without receiving the tips.When I became impatient, I decided to contact them. That was when it hit me that they didn’t provide their contacts. I went online to search for their contacts but didn’t succeed.

The jackpot started at 5pm without receiving the tips. Angry,I contacted Safaricom to reverse my money. My request was granted. Tips-Hub was contacted but they declined the request. I was told to report to the police for action.

Imagine taking a matatu to a police station to report losing Ksh 50? it’s not logical. I lost the money.

I have seen Tips Hub messages in my phone, several of them since then but I ignore them.

If you want to get genuine tips, don’t use Tips Hub, they will con you the way they did to me.I feel bad about losing my money.Even my friend lost money the same way”