Shocking things that were found in a Mchawi house in Western Kenya—Witchcraft is real


One of the most famous witches in Western Kenya has been caught. Nekesa has practiced witchcraft for over 30 years, she is famous for bewitching successful people in the region. Her work was so effective that people were referred to her.

Neighbours had been suspecting that she is a witch but they didn’t have concrete evidence. However,last month a student who graduated from a top university died. It emerged that Nekesa had vowed to teach him a lesson. The student fell ill, was rushed to hospital and died few hours later. The doctors at the hospital didn’t establish what killed him.

Villagers who had heard her threaten the student mobilized others and stormed Nekesa’s house.They found a coffin with several things. Among the things were photos of over 10 people who she had killed through bewitching, live snakes, crocodile skin, owl and black cats. There were also several underwears.

Nekesa confessed that she is responsible for many deaths in the area.She bewitched a popular politician who died of accident,she also killed a certain doctor and another business man.The photos of all those people were found inside the coffin which was found in her house.