Photo of Jackie Matubia’s daughter who is studying Piloting


Jackie Matubia is about to become a proud mother of a pilot. Her daughter Zari is studying for piloting in a prestigious Nairobi Aviation school and she is almost finishing the course. Jackie has spent a whopping Ksh 6 million fee for the daughter.

The daughter was sired by Captain Kennedy Njogu who is also a pilot.Njogu inspired her to join the profession. He also foots most of the bills.

Jackie has two children,one for Njogu and another one for Blessing Lun’gaho.She divorced Blessing in 2023 after he failed to meet his responsibilities as a man.Blessing was earning little from his shows which couldn’t afford Ksh 120,000 monthly rent and school fees.Jackie had to move out and live on her own.

Piloting is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya.It takes at least 2 years for one to complete the program.Salaries for pilots go as high as Ksh 2 million per month


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