Man who was captured beating a police officer in Kasarani has been arrested


Ian Ngige has been arrested. Ian is the man who was captured on camera beating a police officer along Mirema Road Kasarani.The 19-year-old was making a wrong turn at the road when the police stopped him. Ian arrogantly drove off but the traffic along the road limited his movement. The police entered his car and ordered him to drive to Kasarani Police Station.

Ian dragged the police out of the car and mercilessly clobbered him with kicks and blows. The helpless officer was thrown to the ground as he shouted for help. Ian hit him hard and followed him to a nearby trench where the police went to hide until a woman nearby screamed. He then ran away to his girlfriend’s house and hid under the bed while on TikTok.

Police obtained his phone number and traced him, he was arrested and taken to Kasarani Police Station.

Ian’s mother is a supplier of lab equipment while the father is a teacher. He was driving his parent’s car.

The state will charge him for attempted murder. He will be sentenced for more than 10 years in prison.


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