How Star Chebet Kenya joined Illuminati—she was promised Ksh 300 million


Star Chebet Kenya has revealed how she joined Illuminati in 2021, something she regrets up to now. Chebet, whose name was popular during the House helps of Kawangare show, is in tears. Today she publicly declared that her life is in danger.

She was in the car from Kericho to Nakuru when a strong voice shouted,”leo ndio siku yako ya mwisho”.She started shaking and immediately posted on social media:

“Hey guys, imekua kitambo tangu nipost hapa, but , life has been moving too fast… I don’t know if I’ll be okay by end of day, but I got myself into something I can’t really reverse. Life is spiritual and  I think I tapped into the wrong realms in my search for peace of mind and tapped into the wrong energies. . For those nimekosea along the way poleni sana and for those wamenishika mkono Asanteni sana.

I Made new friends who were in a totally different path and got into things I didn’t really expect.Na sidhani itasha poa”

She went ahead to claim that she opened a portal on Kimugu River in Kericho and got initiated into Illuminati.

A close friend convinced her to join Illuminati in the hope that she will become rich quckly. They went to Kericho where the initiation ceremony was conducted. In the room, Chebet was told to remove all her clothes and walk backwards while raising her hands. The room was dark except the far end where there was a big snake. After walking for few metres, she heard the voice telling her to stop…She stopped and waited for the next action. A hand brought something for her to drink, it put some drink in her mount. She took a sip.

Few minutes later, instructions were read to her as a heavy hand rested on her head. She felt cold shivers down the spine as the ceremony went on.

Before leaving the place, she was told to present a photo to River Kimugu and leave it there. That photo was used to steal her star.

From that time, Chebet became an ordinary Kenyan. She has become poor and poorer.She has revealed that she lost her peace,even at night she doesn’t sleep in peace.She is constantly in fear that someone is out to end her life.


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