What Killed Njambi Koikai’s father


Jambi Koikai’s father is dead.Ambassador Daniel Koikai committed suicide in his home.He killed himself at his home by drinking poison the same day his daughter was being buried at Langata Cemetery.

The man had earlier cried the whole night after seeing his daughter lying in a coffin. He was guilt that he didn’t take care of his daughter as a father when she was young. They physical interaction came when Njambi was 14.

Him and Mama Njambi (Stellah Wambui) were never married. They were friends and their friendship resulted to pregnancy.

He was informed about the pregnancy late and the lady later “disappeared”

Stella would later look for him when Njambi was already born and was 4 months old.

He had his first encounter with his daughter, but the re-union was short lived as he was posted outside the country almost immediately. 

He came back to the country 14 years later. Njambi was 14 and was at Ngara Girls in form one.

Njambi went to look for him in his office. And for the first time, Njambi saw her father. And they became so close.

He later transferred Njambi from Ngara to Aria Girls and to Makini School.

Then he took her to DayStar University for her undergraduate degree. He was present at Njambi’s graduation. 

He then used his connections and got a job for his daughter at KBC

“From the time i accepted you as my daughter,I never stopped paying your school fees or supporting you in other ways,” he said these words amidst tears.

Even after getting her the job, the man still paid for Njambi’s school fees as she was doing her Masters in International Relations and when she went to France to further her studies.

He was present in his child’s life despite the hitches that were there during her childhood.

He wasn’t a deadbeat. A day before Njambi’s death, her daughter sent him a message thanking him for all the good things he has done in her life since their first encounter.

I know sometimes you got entangled with a man who has never supported you since he made you pregnant and has severally neglected his children that you gave birth to, and may be, you might be tempted to start projecting your hurt and stress on this innocent man and using him to curse your deadbeat ngulusumu, please stop it because he wasn’t a deadbeat.

He was there for his daughter.  He did the best. Most men can’t do what he did.

He couldn’t stand the loss of a child he loved so much.

The guilt of not being able to save his beloved daughter from the painful jaws of death couldn’t let him live happily after seeing his daughter lying in a casket.

When you’re grieving and then guilt takes over, you can never survive unless you have a strongest support system which it seems the man never had at the moment.

He is dead. Allow him rest. Stop using his death as a case study of what will happen to your deadbeat baby daddy.


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