Who are Generation Z?


Generation Z are people born between 1997 and 2012.Majjority of them are now teenagers. In the next 5 years or so they will be parents. This is a generation of children who were born during the invention of TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media platforms. Their life revolves around the internet and smartphone.

List of generations

Lost Generation—1883-1900

Greatest Generation—1901-1927

Silent Generation—1928-1945

Baby Boomer—1946-1964

Generation X—1965-1980


Generation Z—1997-2012

Generation Alpha—2013-Present

Lost Generation

As the name suggests, this is a generation that didn’t have education nor the internet. They didn’t have decent housing nor efficient means of communication. In Africa, majority of them lived in forests. Little happened during this time

Greatest Generation

This is the generation that fought for independence in most parts of the world, which is why it’s called greatest generation. The freedom and sovereignty you are enjoying is because of this generation.

Silent Generation

This was a silent generation, not much happened during this period.

Baby Boomer

The internet was invented by Baby Boomer generation. Billy Gates was born in 1955 and he is influential in the invention of the internet. Jeff Bezos was born in 1964.Clearly, the generation was having plenty of innovations.

Most companies were formed during this generation.

Generation X

Generation X had a soft life. Most of them had educations and getting jobs was easy. They are now holding senior positions in government institutions and private companies.

Those who had education during this time never struggled to get jobs.


Millennial were born when social media was not available. They ushered in social media. They were the first people to use Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Social media was invented by millennials.

Millennials were born when getting education was easy but jobs were difficult to come by. Most of those who were born in this era had default time in the job market.

 Generation Z

Generation Z were born during the era of TikTok and social media. They are intelligent, aggressive and self-aware. They are the leaders of 10 years to come.

Generation Alpha

These were born in the era of TikTok and Artificial Intelligence. Their future will heavily rely on artificial intelligence.


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