Shocking things Gen Z wants to be done by the Kenyan government—Ruto is sweating already


UPDATE: GEN Z protesters highlights critical issues and demands that require immediate attention and action by the Parliament.

1. Economic and Financial Reforms

The housing levy is perceived as a slush fund for the executive. We demand its immediate abolition to prevent misuse of public funds.

1.1. Abolish the Housing Levy:

1.2. Remove Exclusions in the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF):

All Kenyans should have access to comprehensive healthcare services without any exclusions under the SHIF. SHIF, just like its predecessor NHIF, should be the most comprehensive insurance fund that every Kenya has and support the achievement of UHC. The current regulation includes a long list of exclusions that should be removed.

1.3. Drop the CAS Bill and CAS Positions:

The creation of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) positions is an unnecessary financial burden. We demand the discontinuation of the CAS Bill and the elimination of these positions.

1.4. Eliminate MP Allowances:

Members of Parliament should earn a basic salary without additional allowances for attending parliamentary sittings. Savings from these allowances should be redirected to critical sectors like health and education.

1.5. Mandatory Jail Term for Corruption:

Introduce a mandatory jail term of at least five years for individuals convicted of looting public funds, alongside the recovery of all stolen funds. There should be no out-of-court settlements for corruption cases.

1.6. Redirect Savings to Health and Education:

Funds saved from the elimination of allowances and CAS positions should be allocated to health and education, with a focus on increasing the higher education fund to ensure no student pays more than Ksh. 50,000 per year in university fees.

1.7. Drop the Proposal to Increase Fuel Levy by 39%:

The proposed increase in the fuel levy will disproportionately affect the cost of living. We demand its immediate withdrawal.

1.8. Drop the Proposal to Increase SEP to 6% of Revenue:

Digital businesses should pay corporate tax like other companies. The proposed SEP increase will stifle the growth of digital enterprises, which are crucial for job creation.

1.9. Oppose imposition of excise duty

We demand the rejection of proposals to impose excise duty vegetable oils at 25%. These measures will increase the cost of essential services and goods.

Generation Z has vowed to continue with demonstrations. One of the issues raised is the 2024 Finance Bill. But there are also other items the generation wants to be dealt with. Below are the items shaking the government:

1.10. Remove Excise Duty on Internet Bundles

We oppose the proposal to increase excise duty on internet data from 15% to 20%. Kenya already has one of the most expensive internet services in the region. We propose removal of excise duty on internet all together. Removing excise duty on internet bundles will make access more affordable and provide young people with an opportunity to create own employment through online jigs and content creation.

1.11. Reduce Budgets for First and Second Lady Offices:

The budget for the offices of the First and Second Lady should not exceed Ksh. 200 million annually. If additional funds are needed, they should be raised independently

1.12. Cut Statehouse Renovation Budgets:

The proposed budgets for renovations at Statehouse and Deputy President Office-Harambee Annex should be cut from the Appropriation Bill 2024.

1.14. Remove Import Duty on Filming Equipment and Services

To support young entrepreneurs in content creation, import duty, eco-levy, and VAT on filming equipment should be removed, as there are no local manufacturers for such equipment.

1.15. Remove Excise Duty on Digital Platforms:

Eliminate excise duty on digital platforms for services offered in Kenya by non-residents to encourage digital entrepreneurship.

2. Social and Governance Reforms

2.1. Address Issues Affecting Young People:

Drop the Replacement ID Fee: Reduce the Ksh. 1000 fee to no than Ksh, 200 for replacing national IDs and the requirement for a new driver’s license every three years.

Amend ID Expiry Rules: National IDs should not expire, reducing bureaucratic burdens on citizens.

2.2. Reform the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC):

The IEBC should be reconstituted to allow for the recall of MPs who fail to represent their constituents effectively.

2.3. Referendum on Governance Issues:

Initiate a referendum to address governance issues, including the overrepresentation in the National Assembly.

2.4. Employment for Intern Doctors and Junior Secondary School (JSS) Teachers:

Ensure the employment of intern doctors and JSS teachers, and reinstate those who were dismissed for participating in strikes.


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