How to Connect to VPN Internet in Kenya


Kama wanapanga kuzima internet lemme give you a very quick tutorial on how to stay connected with VPN and RDPs

See usually, internet is interrupted through geoblocking social media sites. This means that kama wanazima…wanahakikisha all Kenyan IP addresses cannot access say Facebook or Twitter.

Now, how to bypass this?

VPN is a virtual private network that tunnels your web traffic to a server in another country.

It masks your real IP address and makes it seem like you’re in another country.

So if you connect to a VPN in the UK, and you search the internet, it will appear as if you’re a accessing any site like Facebook, Twitter etc from the UK. Which means hata kama imezimwa na gava utaweza kuingia online.

Which means if Kenya is blocked, you’ll still be connected.

How to get VPN

For VPN…just go search for a free VPN on Google…

The setup instructions are very simple. My personal favorite is Urban Desktop VPN. It’s free and you can connect to servers in over 150 countries.

Alafu if you’re an activist and your tweets can get you targeted, tracked or abducted, buy good VPN, RDP or socks 5 now.


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