Kenyans List 7 things which will solve problems for President Ruto


President William Ruto is facing it rough governing the country. Kenyans have sat down and came up with a list of things the president will do that will help hi solve the problems facing the country.

Reconstitute the Cabinet

In my own analysis, nearly 80% of the Cabinet Members either are clueless, don’t understand their mandates, or don’t care. Maybe not even helping your administration

Further, over 70% of Kenyans don’t have any confidence with the majority of them, and no substantial effects are being felt.

In any case, even the majority of Kenyans don’t even know the CSs by their names, leave alone what they are doing! And those who are familiar to many Kenyans it’s because of mainly for the wrong reasons

Reconsider Your Inner Team

Unfortunately, some of your Inner members have been exposing you. The majority are arrogant, they think power is permanent, and they forget that power is transient.

These are the Inner Team members who would be telling you the truth, but rather, they lie to you! They expose you.

The King is naked, courtesy of the Inner Members!

Reconsider Public Expenditure

You are on record Mr. President indicating that to bridge the gap brought about by the failure of the Finance Bill, the only option available is borrowing!

Cutting down unnecessary expenses

Mr. President, do you need to be travelling out of the country every 2 weeks, with a big contingent of followers who have little impacts to your travel?

Why do we need to allocate over 1 Billion to the Office of the First Lady and 2nd Lady? Why do we need over a Billion to the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary? Why do we need fuel guzzlers for every Senior Office?

Why do we need over 200 Parastatals and State Coorporations? Why do we need nearl 10 Billion for the State House, and another 6 Billion for the Office of the Deputy President? Why does Parliament need 40 Billion?

Audit the 2010 Constitution

Mr. President, the 2010 Constitution is Progressive, but what is its cost of implementation!

We are 15 years into the New Dispensation; but never early or late to reconsider its impacts on the public expenditure.

Do we need 47 Counties? Do we need 349 MPs including the Women Reps? Do we need 47 Deputy Governors? Do we need 67 Senators including the nominated ones? Do we need over 2,000 MCAs?

Mr. President, all these Offices consume over 100 Billion in RECURRENT EXPENDITURE! Not even on development, they have become dens of corruption. You add corruption lost through the same, the cost can even double!

Reconstitute the Government Communication Team

Mr. President, there are positive developments Kenya has made in the past 2 years, most at the Macro Level.

To name but a few; the Inflation Rate has dropped in the past two years, and remained stable. Cost of basic commodities especially food has stabilized to some extent, agriculture production improved last year driven by the farm inputs subsidy and good weather amongst others

Unfortunately, the communications team in your office isn’t able to articulate some of these gains, while also data available is not being used to Speak to the common man

Reconsider your Commitment to Kenyans

Mr. President, every now and then you commit something to Kenyans. It’s good to commit. However, it’s better to ensure experts opinion are put into consideration before such commitments are made

Many are the times you promise and make commitments, only for them not to be fulfilled or to be actualized.

This in turn has exposed your entirely, and made the majority of Kenyans to loose confidence with you

As a result, of every 100 Promises you make to Kenyans, only about 20 come be realised. The rest 80 are making you look like a lier


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