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SHOCKING!See how Kenyans Have Exported Tribalism to USA.



Kenyans held a diaspora meeting in Los Angeles last month but the events did not end well as all the leaders who were invited to address the crowd were from one community.The audience openly
questioned why diversity was not observed in terms of representation.

One of the members who attended the event wrote this on his Facebook page;

“I found it a bit embarrassing watching the government get called out by a Kenyan in Diaspora, for what many saw as shameful tribalism. During the Diaspora meeting in Los Angeles, Githae was called to speak by Mbugua. Githae then invited Karanja, Ngugi, Kanyi, and Mwaura to speak on behalf of Kenyans in Diaspora. Diaspora must embrace diversity and be a guide to the motherland on what makes up the fabric of Kenya; that indeed, this garment has all the stitches that represent the tribes that make up our great country”

But in Quick rejoinder the Kenyan Ambassador to New York Njeru Githae refuted claims that the event was tribal adding that diversity was observed.


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