How Ne-Yo’s bouncer threw Sauti Sol’s Delvin out of Mad House Club Like a Dog


Ne-Yo’s bouncer did unexpected on Friday morning when he threw Sauti Sol’s Delvin out of the singer’s Mad House Club party.

Delvin tried to move very close to Ne-Yo and when the angry bouncer noticed that the Sauti Sol member was becoming a nuisance he kicked him out of the VIP area where the R&B super star was having good times.

“I don’t like his attitude, he has no respect,” the bouncer stated. “I don’t care who he is,” he added. Buddha Blaze later intervened and asked Delvin and his friend to vacate the VIP area.

Delvin left the club dejected and almost giving up in life; he headed to Club Bachuss in Westlands, where he stayed till late.

Present in the party were Tanzanian singer Diamond, Maurice Kirya from Uganda and Nameless from Kenya.


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