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Alfred Mutua Snubs Johnson Muthama Handshake


johnson muthama
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua openly ignored Senator Johnson Muthama’s handshake in Machakos yesterday.

The funeral for Mike Sonko’s father was held on Tuesday at their home in Machakos.During the event, Muthama was invited to speak and when he extended a hand to Governor Mutua, the reaction from the Governor was enough to make Muthama reconsider his relationship with Mutua.

After suffering embarrassment in front of a crowd who attended the funeral, Muthama proceeded to the podium to address the crowd, where he urged the Government to use all means to pay the salaries striking teachers are demanding.

Mutua took to the medium amid cheers from the crowd. His speech was short but with a strong message; he told his opponents to prepare for a long political battle, confirming that the train has started and it will not stop irrespective of opposition from his enemies. He added that he is tired of seeing women travelling over 50 kilometers for water. He promised that his maendeleo chap chap initiative will solve their perennial problems.