Best Banks to Save Money in Kenya


Over 80 % of Kenyans save their money in Banks.Several of these people would like to save their money with the best banks where they are assured that their money will not be lost
When it comes to saving money, you must be extra cautious on which bank or SACCO to entrust with your hard earned cash. Sometimes you may save up to Sh 1 million and you end up losing the money if the Bank collapses.

Before you decide on which bank to save your money for maximum returns, be it from business or salary, ensure that the bank is financially stable, get familiar with their interest rates and how they fluctuate with time.

Banks owned by individuals are not the best to save money because they sometimes manipulate figures to attract customers.Such banks include imperial bank,chase bank and other small banks

Following research conducted on several banks in the country, we came up with a list of the best banks you can save your money, earn a decent interest and be assured that your cash will never be lost.
1. CFC Stanbic Bank (it has the best interest rates on savings)
2. Standard Chartered Bank
3. Cooperative Bank of Kenya
4. Commercial Bank of Africa
5. Barclays Bank of Kenya
6. Kenya Commercial Bank
7. Equity Bank
8. NIC Bank
9 CITI Bank


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