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Tribes whose men make good husbands in Kenya


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Getting a partner to call your own is one of the most challenging things to happen to anyone who’s serious in settling down. Sometimes you move around the world looking for ‘Mr Right’ but end up being frustrated after realizing that no man fits your desires.

In Kenya, for instance, we have over 42 tribes, where each tribe has men with varying degree of strengths and weaknesses. As a lady, who is serious in settling down you have to be careful who to date to avoid messing up your life.

Based on the experience we possess about Kenyan men and their characteristics, in addition to research we have conducted, we discuss the Kenyan tribes which have men we can call ‘husband materials’

1. Somali
The Somali men have been described as the most responsible men in the entire country. Though Islam allows them to marry more than one wife, these men know how to treat their women regardless of the number.

Over the past few decades, the Somali men could only marry their women but with time, they started crossing over to other tribes thus giving opportunities to women who were eager to be married to responsible men.

It’s hard to find a Somali man leaving his kid suffering without taking responsibility.

2. Kisii
Kisii men are known to be so possessive and once they claim ownership of any woman, they would go extra miles in protecting them.

There are a million words and statements which describe Kisii men, most of them in bad picture but when it comes to being responsible husbands, these people score highly.

Forget about being high tempered-every human being has some degree of temper, but women who have been married to Kisii men have always heaped praises on this rare quality they possess, husband material.

One of the things that would make any lady proud of a Kisii man is the kind of protection she will always receive from her man.A woman and kids is any Kisii man’s greatest assets, so once a lady get ties a knot with a Kisii man, chances of losing him to another woman are near zero.

Kisiis invest a lot,even if he dies, he will always leave something behind for the family to spend.

3. Kalenjin
Of course Kalenjin men like dominating in a relationship but don’t worry about that, everything will be okay.

There are no words to describe Kalenjin men when it comes to caring for their women. If it’s food you will get, if it’s love you’ll readily get, and if it’s a sense of belonging you’ll definitely be assured of.

A research conducted last year indicated that Kalenjins are among the most faithful men in the entire country.

Women hate unfaithful men, which is why they’ll always be proud to have a Kalenjin man on their side.

4. Maasai
Majority of Maasai men are polygamous, their culture allows that, but that does not disqualify them from being ranked among the best in terms of providing love and care for their wives and children.

Divorce cases in Maasai land are almost nil, with majority opting to solve marital problems out of court.

No matter how many women are under his name, the Maasai man must try everything to make them happy.

A good man is one who makes his family happy regardless of the circumstances, the maasai man is one such person.

Try to touch his family and you’ll know the work of his walking stick.