Moses Kuria told to Go Slow on ICC Issue, to Meet Uhuru


moses kuria
Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has been urged by Central Kenya politicians to tame his tongue regarding the ICC issue.

Sources indicate that on Wednesday, the outspoken legislature met a couple of senior politicians from TNA who warned him of dire consequences if he continues to carelessly speak about ICC.

The politicians fear that a rift may emerge between Deputy President William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta if the issue turns against TNA.They argued that this is not the right time to start discussing ICC matters as the country is warming up for 2017 elections.

During the meeting, Kuria was urged not to accompany Jubilee leaders during their scheduled series of prayers for Ruto and Sang. He was instructed that, if he must accompany them, he should desist from speaking about ICC.
It has emerged that the President is so mad with Mr Kuria and has scheduled a meeting with him, which will focus on his latest utterances about Ruto fixing and procurement of ICC witnesses.

Uhuru’s name has been dragged into Ruto’s cases at the ICC; a matter that has slowed down Jubilee momentum. Failure by Jubilee administration to answer Raila’s claims that Uhuru fixed Ruto is a clear indication that the opposition leader has a point.

But if the ICC discussion will go on, Uhuru may be the ultimate loser, that’s why Central Kenya leaders are not interested in continuing with the ICC debate.


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