Best Companies to drop CVs for fresh graduates in Nairobi



Fresh graduates often find it hard to identify the best companies that accept their CVs,whether blind application or through job advertisements.But there are over 1,000 companies in Nairobi that employ these graduates(with no professional experience) but you won’t see them advertise on local dailies.

It has reached a time where getting even a job in Kenya is very hard, especially when an individual has no practical experience. This is worrying to fresh graduates who are seeking opportunities to do any job in order to find a footing in the job industry.

If you are in Nairobi and perhaps wondering where to drop your CV, be it blind application or through referral, as long as they give you hopes of securing employment, the following are companies which regularly accept CVs

  1. National Bank of Kenya
  2. Brookside Dairy Limited
  3. Ipsos Synovate
  4. Infotrak
  5. Jumia Kenya
  6. Citibank
  7. Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  8. Old Mutual Kenya
  9. Hass Consult
  10. PKF East Africa
  11. RMS Ashvir
  12. Tetra Pak
  13. Kenafric Industries
  14. Kenya Revenue Authority
  15. Credit Bank
  16. Kenya Commercial Bank
  17. Madison Insurance
  18. Chase Bank
  19. Imperial Bank
  20. Jubilee Insurance Company
  21. AIG Insurance
  22. Airtel Kenya
  23. Diamond Trust Bank
  24. Red Cross Kenya
  25. Kenya Orient Insurance Company
  26. AON insurance
  27. Standard Investment Bank
  28. Kestrel Capital
  29. Dyer and Blair
  30. Genghis Capital
  31. Suntra Investment Bank
  32. Corporate Staffing Kenya
  33. CFC Insurance and Heritage Insurance
  34. Oriental Commercial Bank
  35. Bank of Africa
  36. Jamii Bora Bank
  37. Commercial Bank of Africa
  38. Equity Bank
  39. NIC Bank

Companies in the list above will accept your CVs even if they have not advertised for jobs. What you need to do is send application for Graduate Trainee/Management Trainee, Internship or temporary employment .The application must be hard copy and online.

Most of these companies accept online applications but I can assure you that majority will ignore your applications but if you send hard copies, they will put them in their database and call you later when opportunities arise.

Places like Banks like employing fresh graduates in masses. You could be among the fortunate one if you send a blind application.

The most appropriate time to apply for employment is when the year is ending. This is the time when most employees are either changing jobs or companies are planning to do re organizations to accommodate new employees.


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