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Fare prices from Nairobi to Kisii, Kisumu,Eldoret and Western Kenya


During normal travelling from Nairobi to Kisii,the fare price ranges from Ksh 600-Ksh 1,000 depending on the  company that ferries you.From Nairobi to Kisumu,you pay Ksh 1,000-Ksh 1,500 while from Nairobi to western Kenya(Bungoma,Busia,Kakamega,Kitale,Eldoret) you spend Ksh 1,000-Ksh 2,000.

The most ideal transport companies include Transline Classsic,Guardian Angel,and Easy Coach.

During  festive season when almost everyone is heading ‘village’. The fare prices are normally high due to scramble for the few available transport buses.

We manage to check into various matatu stages and inquire about fare prices during festive seasons-Christmas and New Year holidays.

Transline Classic, which has a stage at Afya Centre, charges Ksh 1,000 but the buses are fully booked to January. You can however be lucky to get one or two vacant buses but you will scramble for available seats with a desperate crowd.

The Guardian and Easy Coach stages are filled to capacity as several passengers scramble for few buses available. They are charging Ksh 2,000 to Kisii and other parts of Western Kenya.

We also noted that Machakos country bus stage where buses like Nyamira Express have their stage is heavily congested with Nairobians wanting to travel up country. To be safe please carry at least Ksh 1,000 for transport.

This is the time when having a personal car in Nairobi is extremely important!Those travelling to Kisii,Bungoma,Kisumu,and other parts of Western  Kenya will have hard time reaching their destinations.