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Best companies to go for Attachment in Nairobi



Getting attachment in is becoming extremely hard for students, especially fourth years. Sometimes it requires one to know somebody in order to get one, and if you aren’t familiar with Nairobi you will hate yourself.

The competition for internships has increased tremendously since parallel program started being adopted in local universities. We now have more job seekers than employers.

Perhaps you aren’t aware which companies don’t offer attachments. Some of the places which don’t give students internships include Central Bank of Kenya and local Banks. These institutions fear that interns could expose some of the crucial information to the public. They better employ someone than give them internship.

The best sectors to seek internship in Kenya include

Insurance Companies

They include AMACO, UAP,Britam,CFC Life,Madison,APA,Kenindia Assurance Company,ICEA Lion,Jubilee,Old Mutual, and Kenya Orient.

Government Institutions

They include KWS, KARI, KEMRI,NHIF,NSSF,KRA,Treasury,Helb,Kenya Power,Kenya Airways and many other parastatals.

Research Institutions

Some of the companies that offer internships for Statistics students include Synovate, Infotrak,and Consumer Insight.


Saccos offer internships to students. If you see a Sacco near you, just drop your CV.


NGO is an important sector in Kenya.Some of the NGOs that offer internships include Red Cross, Care Kenya,IPA,One Acre Fund,Oxfam and African Wildlife Foundation.

Other sectors include manufacturing firms, hospitals and real estate companies.