Best Kasneb Course To Study



Kasneb is a body that examines students in business and information technology courses. Among the courses offered by Kasneb include CPA, CIFA, CS, CCP and CICT.

The following is a full list of professional and diploma courses offered by Kasneb.

Professional Examinations

  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Certified Secretaries
  • Certified Information Communication Technologists
  • Certified Credit Professionals
  • Certified Investment and Financial Analysts

Diploma Examinations

  • Accounting Technicians Diploma
  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology
  • Diploma in Credit Management


What many young Kenyans especially those who are about to enroll for these prestigious courses is the choice of the course to study.

Based on the experience we possess regarding the job market in Kenya and how each course will benefit you after completing the three levels, we discuss each of them below.

Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

Certified Public Accountants is the oldest professional course in Kenya but has remained the most marketable business course in the country.

Without a CPA or related professional qualification, an individual might find it hard to make it in the highly competitive job market. It is, therefore, advisable for business students to enroll for CPA to make themselves more competitive.

CPA is ideal for students pursuing Bachelor of Commerce, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering and almost all the courses existing in Kenya.

Though the course is pursued by almost everyone, it is still marketable even beyond Kenya.

I would like to advise whoever thinks CPA is useless to try ignoring it; you will find it hard to compete with CPA holders.

The right time to register is when you are about to join college because once you are through with school you might lack time to study the course.

Certified Investment and Finance Analysts (CIFA)

Formerly CSIA, CIFA is a new kid in the block. This is a sister course to Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and is one of the most sought professional courses in the investment industry.

If you want to work in investment industry, then CIFA is the best course to study, in preparation for the toughest professional course, CFA.

The advantage of studying CIFA is that very few individuals have pursued the course, making it more attractive than CPA.

This course is best for business students, Statisticians, Actuaries and Economists.

Certified Information Communication Technologists (CICT)

CICT is a very marketable course for students and professionals in Information Technology and Computer Science profession.

In the modern world, having IT or Computer Science professions without CICT or Oracle qualifications is a disaster.

Certified Secretaries

Certified Secretaries is the best course for people working or intending to be lawyers, Customer Service, Human Resources, Public Relations, international Relations, Personal Assistant, Marketing and other Social Science courses.

Certified Credit Professionals

This is ideal course for individuals working as credit officers, loan officers, and related duties.