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I Will Die If My Husband Does Not Divorce Me, Kiambu Woman Cries



A woman in Kiambu has shocked villagers after emerging from her house demanding divorce from her husband.

The 37-year-old, only identified as Njoki, was cooled down by a mammoth crowd which came to listen to her side of the story after her voice was heard kilometres away. She explained that her husband does not rise to the occasion, even after going for medication in different hospitals.

Njoki, who looked so devastated, claimed she doesn’t want to cheat on her husband despite not getting her conjugal rights. However, she wants to officially separate with her husband of 12 years so that she can have ample time of having another man who satisfies her.

When her husband was contacted, he said the reason why he doesn’t want to divorce the wife is because they have invested on several projects together, and the wife wants more than half of the share. The man complained that he has told Njoki on several occasions to cheat on him but she has refused.