Kenyan Government To Protest Viral Video Broadcast on the US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS on Corruption.



The Kenyan government, through its spokesman Eric Kiraithe, has indicated that it will write a strong protest to the United States against a video which has gone viral showing the degree of corruption in Kenya.

A statement on government spokesman’s Facebook account read:

“Government’s attention has been drawn to a misleading viral video

broadcast on the US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). To this

end, the Government of Kenya will be writing a strong protest to

the United States.


This particular video footage prepared by Nick Schifrin and Zach Fannin is part of a propaganda machine driven by parts of civil

society and whose agenda is to continually discredit ongoing war

against corruption by the Government.


For those of us who may have watched the video, you will realize

that it is full of unsubstantiated claims, innuendo and assertions

that are not backed by any evidence.

We condemn the producers of the video footage and their local

collaborators and ask Kenyans not to be swayed in their resolve to

develop a better, corrupt free Kenya by individuals motivated by


As stated by the President during the State of the Nation Address,

the Jubilee Administration is thoroughly committed to the war against corruption and there will be no sacred cows in the ongoing


According to Transparency International, Kenya is ranked 139 out of 168 countries in the list of most corrupt countries in the world.