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Shocking Facts About Uganda Women



All along we have known Ugandan women as people who like keeping low profile as well as leaving their men enjoy so much freedom and social life as they wish, but there are important characteristics we have not revealed to the masses.Venas News will unearth some of the traits that these women bear that could shock you.


Ugandan women are known to be very submissive. It is shocking that these women respect their men so much that they can kneel down before them when greeting them. Even when the man offends them, they are the ones to bow before their husbands while accepting apology from their rogue husbands.

Good cooks

Though Uganda women like traditional meals, they are known for their superior cooking techniques. A simple meal can be cooked to become so delicious, finger licking and appealing to even people who lost appetite a century ago.

Average in bed

Ugandan men are known to be average in bed; they are neither hot nor cold but they can satisfy an average man. You can’t compare a Ugandan and Kenyan girl when it comes to bedroom matters.


Unlike Kenyan women who are quick to fight a man who crosses their line, Ugandan women will always stick to their men. It is hard to find a Ugandan woman applying for divorce even if he catches his man red handed with another woman.

Not so ambitious

Ugandan women are not very ambitious-this is one of the traits that make them so reserved and second to their men in all aspects.

Once this woman is married, she will forget about education, business and any venture that could bring her some fortune.

They worship their men

Statistics show that more than 80 % of Ugandan women don’t raise their voices when offended by their men-they simply thing men are gods.

Not so beautiful

Ugandan women are not among the most beautiful ladies in Africa-they are average.