Mazda Demio, Features and Why You should Buy the Car



Mazda Demio, popularly known as Mazda2, is a supermini car manufactured in Japan but sold worldwide. The car has several exciting features that most cars on the road lack. One of the advantages of a Demio is that it consumes fuel efficiently. The car is 1,300 cc, meaning that, in layman’s language, it can consume a single litre of fuel after covering a distance of more than 20 kilometres. For those driving short distance, a single litre is enough to take you through the journey.

Fuel is a concern to many, but with a Mazda Demio all your problems are sorted.

The first time I saw a Demio,from a distance of course, I thought it was a toy, until I entered the car and realized it’s actually bigger than I thought.Now,despite being limited in terms of the number of people to carry-usually 5-the interior of the car is big.

The third generation Demio earned the 2008 World Car of the Year title, while the fourth generation was awarded the 2014–2015 “Japanese Car of the Year”. Meaning that this is a car you can buy without worrying about its condition after purchase.

One thing that excites me about this car also is that it is not costly. Even if you are earning less than $500 per month, you can comfortably fuel the vehicle and also have money for your up keep.

Another thing, spare parts for Japanese cars are readily available, regardless of a country your live. This is one thing that should make any potential buyer go for a Demio.

Finally, on durability, the car will have a perfect condition unless you start misusing it.

One disadvantage of a demio is that you can’t have heavy luggage in it, unlike cars like Toyota Probox.Another disadvantage is that it is not meant to carry large families-a maximum of 5 people. But you can overlook the disadvantages.