Best Degree Programmes to study if you want to be an entrepreneur-Self employment



Entrepreneurship is by far better than employment. It gives you the authority to set your targets, monitor your growth and determine your future without limits. There are degree courses suitable for this, which are designed in such a way that even if you are not employed you can set up your business with ease.

Sales and marketing

In sales and marketing class, you are trained on how to handle customers, sell under pressure, how to set your targets, what to do in case your product is not moving etc. These skills are essential for entrepreneurship, and that’s why it’s easier for a sales and marketing graduate to start business than for a mathematician to run one.


The aim of entrepreneurship course is not to prepare you for employment but train you on how you can manage your business.

If you are planning to get employed, then entrepreneurship is not a course for you but if your vision is to start a company, then this is a course for you.


I usually wonder what runs in an experienced architect mind when I see them working for people for decades. Architecture is a degree program which should give anyone headed over who will employ them. Once a graduate gains a minimum of one year experience, he is allowed to start own firm.


A lawyer should not be employed, period.

You will realize that employment is less rewarding compared to starting own firm. As a lawyer, you will be naïve if you stick to employment just for job security.


It is easier and better to start your own clinic or pharmacy than to be employed by someone. Pharmacy, medicine and nursing professional are in demand. People must seek their services, whether they like it or not. With any of the above courses, you can be an entrepreneur.

Graphic design

You should not even bother to seek for employment if you possess these skills. Graphic design is a program that ensures you use your talent to make money. Entrepreneurship is the way to go if you possess this diploma/degree.

Veterinary medicine

Why wait to be employed when you can make up to 10k per day.Veternary doctors are few and their services are needed glaobally.This is an area where competition is less and money is a lot. Launch your career, not as an employee but employer.

Religious studies/theology

If you have mastered the art of preaching and the whole story about religion, why should you wait for employment?

If you went to school for money then it’s time to start your own church or simply be a pastor.

Pastors nowadays are among the wealthiest people on the universe

Bachelor of Environmental science

Very few people know that the course is highly rewarding. I agree that jobs for environmental science are very few but if you start an NGO or a company that deals with environmental management impact assessment, you won’t regret your decision.

Bachelor of Science in hospitality management

If you are pursuing the degree course and in your bank account, Sh50, 000, is lying idle, please prepare on how to start a small restaurant or fast food restaurant.

I don’t see why you should be employed, earning Sh40, 000 per month when you can own a fast food restaurant that brings you Sh3, 000 daily.

Working for people is stressful especially hotels. That’s why, with a degree in hospitality management, you can start your own business and avoid stress.


I know most people, especially mathematicians, love to work for people. In fact, more than 90 % of professionals with maths related courses prefer employment.

Since many people hate data analysis and modelling, this is where you should capitalize and own a consulting company to charge the amount you want for services.

Software engineering

If you are a software developer, don’t waste time searching for employment-entrepreneurship is the way to go.


You will be mad if you start running from one office to another searching for employement.Once you have trained in college, simply give others peace by starting farming business.

Fashion design

You need to start a clothing and fashion company immediately you are out of college.