Lowest paying careers in Kenya


Which are the lowest paying careers in Kenya?

While Medicine, law, actuarial science and engineering are regarded as highest paying careers in Kenya, lowest paying jobs also dominate

If you have worked for an institution for at least 3 years and your salary is less than Ksh50, 000, then know from today you are in the worst career.

The average starting salary of top paying careers in Kenya is Ksh 75,000 per month, which translates to a median salary of approximately Ksh 800,000 per year. Whereas the average monthly salary of the worst paying jobs in Kenya is Ksh25, 000.

To make the list public, here are the worst careers in Kenya


Unless you are employed to teach international schools, chances of earning over Ksh50, 000 as a teacher are almost nil. According to TSC figures, over 90 % of Kenyan teachers earn less than Ksh40, 000, where majority are primary school teachers.

Only school principals, who are less than 3,000 earn above Ksh 50, 000, the rest are given left overs.

Customer care

Customer care is one of the worst careers in Kenya. The job is stressful, demanding and requires one to work for at least 8 hours with little pay.

The average salary of a customer care executive in Kenya is Ksh35, 000.

Police Officer

Police officers are on duty 24/7 but if you look at their pay slips, you will cry.

The average salary of a police officer in Kenya is Ksh 35, 000, but some police officers especially new recruits earn even less than Ksh 20,000.

Despite the risks associated with their job, the police are poorly renumerated.

In Canada ,a police officer earns more than a doctor. The average salary of a police in this country is Ksh 800,000 per month. If you compare with what our officers earn, tears won’t stop flowing.

Insurance sales executives/direct sales executives in banks

Sales executives in banks are not a happy lot. You are required to sell loans, bank products, open accounts etc but when you approach customers, the treatment you get discourages forever. The worst is being insurance sales executives, popularly known as financial advisers. Kenyans have poor attitude towards insurance companies-though the policies help a great deal. As a sales executive, you have to have direct contact with a potential customer. The experience you get afterwards cannot be equated to the commissions you earn.

Direct sales executives in banks earn average salary of Ksh 25, 000 while those working for insurance companies earn commissions only.


Nursing in America is a hot course, but what about Kenya? We have established that the average salary of Nurses in Kenya is Ksh 40, 000, which is a joke.

I didn’t know that what matters in Kenya is not how risky is your job, but what the employer feels like paying you. Can you imagine a statistician who draws a single graph per month with excel earns Ksh 150,000 while a doctor who saves several lives, working day and night earns Ksh40,000

Secretaries and front office workers

Despite being core people in our offices, front office and secretary jobs are the most unrewarding. Several offices in Kenya pay these people less than Ksh 20, 000.

Supermarket attendants and cashiers

Supermarket attendants work from Saturday to Saturday yet they are paid Ksh 15,000.Some of these people are degree holders but the employer care less.The cashiers on the other hand earn average salary of Ksh30,000.Most of the cashiers in our supermarkets are degree holders,others are even CPA K holders.