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I Have Every Right to Taste My Own Daughter – Rapist Father Confesses in Nigeria


aidsA mentally unbalanced father who was caught r*ping his 14-year-old daughter, has defended himself by saying he has the right to do so.  A 48-year-old Ghanaian man identified as Agyeman, who was caught red-handed r*ping his 14-year-old daughter, has justified his wicked act by saying that since he was the one who gave birth to the girl and has been taking care of her since her mother left him, he had every right to have s*x with her before other men would start enjoying her.

The Ghanaian man whon lives in the Agbado-Oke-Aro area of Ogun State, was caught in the act on Monday, July 18, 2016, after neighbours heard the screams of the girl in their one room apartment, and when the neighbours went to find out why the Junior Secondary School (JSS 2), girl who was supposed to be in school, they met her father on top of her.

According to an eye witness who is a resident in the compound which the victim and his father lives;


“Baba Adjoa has been living in the yard for over 12 years but we do not know if he is possessed because at times, he behaved like a mad man. He is an all purpose labourer but most times, you will find him at ‘ogogoro’ (illicit gin) palours drinking to stupor.

“His wife left him in 2008 and since then, he has been living with his children all alone. On that day, I was sleeping in my room because I came back from work in the morning, when I heard a fellow tenant, Iya Calabar, knocking on my door to come and help her find out why Adjoa was screaming in their room.

“I went out immediately and met two other neighbours who were banging on Agyeman’s door asking him to open but he refused. We actually thought he was beating his daughter because he is used to beating them mercilessly.

“But when we heard the girl screaming that her daddy wanted to kill her, we had to break the door and what we found shocked all of us.

“Agyeman was n*ked and having s*x with his daughter. We had to force him off the small girl. Of course, we gave him some beating but what he said was a surprise to us all.

“He was saying that he had every right to have s*x with his daughter, after all he was the one who gave birth to her and had been taking care of her. On interrogation, the girl said her father has been molesting her since last year and had vowed to kill her if she ever told anyone.

“Some youths in the area wanted to lynch him but they were prevailed upon by elders who saved him and took him away. We have reported the case to the police,”

the eye witness said.