Why Kalenjin Men Don’t Close their Mouth Most of the Time


rudishaKalenjin men are known to be athletes, a talent that no other Kenyan tribe can beat, but there is one other trait common among all Kalenjins-they don’t close their mouths most of the time. Here are shocking reasons.

Their lips can’t accommodate the size of the teeth

Kalenjin men have bigger teeth than usual, making it almost impossible for the mouth and lips to be flezible.As a result, the mouth becomes wide open most of the time.

They were born while surprised

Most Kalenjins are born while surprised.And from experience, when you are surprised, your mouth become wide open.

Athletes don’t close their mouths, they leave it open so that fresh air can enter

Since God knew they would become athletes, He made it easier for them to breathe by letting their mouth open most of the time.

Everything in a Kalenjin man is a surprise

Almost everything surprises a Kalenjin man, even what he knows.