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Is HTC and iPhone the best smartphones to buy in Kenya?



According to latest survey, HTC and iPhone smartphones are the best phones to buy in Kenya.

The survey revealed that more than 90 % of HTC smartphone users would be more than happy to buy the same model if their current phone get old. They cited strength of battery, user friendly, high quality camera and fast internet as the major reasons why they love to own HTC.

The survey also showed that only less than 5 % would love to buy another brand, but they preferred to own iPhone from Apple.

The major reason why they believe iPhone is the best alternative to HTC is due to its durability and ability to take high quality pictures, as well as fast internet.

When asked about Samsung, many had their reservations. They, however, claimed that latest Samsung models, especially the most expensive ones, have the specifications they need.

63 % claimed Techno is a good phone but only suitable for people who intend to use it for a short time, say three months. Huawei also scored highly when it comes to the quality of the camera, but many smartphone users claimed only the expensive Huawei is reliable.



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