Best Degree Courses to study at Daystar University


Daystar University is one of the best private universities in Kenya. The institution offered some of the most marketable courses in East Africa.

Based on job market trends in Kenya, we wish to list best courses to study at Daystar University. The list is based on regular statistics released by labor industry as well as available jobs in the market.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Relations, Electronic Media, Print Media or Advertising).
  2. Bachelor of Arts in English
  3. Bachelor of Arts in French
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Literature
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Technical and Professional Communication
  7. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Business Administration ,Marketing, Purchasing and Business Logistics, Law Option, or Management Information Systems)
  8. Bachelor of Education in Business and French
  9. Bachelor of Education in Business and Mathematics
  10. Bachelor of Education in Computer Science and Mathematics
  11. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development : Regular and school based programme
  12. Bachelor of Education in English (Language & Literature)
  13. Bachelor of Education in French
  14. Bachelor of Education in Mathematics
  15. Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science
  16. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  17. Bachelor of Science in Economics
  18. Bachelor of Science in Nursing



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