This Shocking Graph Shows How Raila Will Beat Uhuru in 2017 General Elections



Analysts have come up with figures showing how CORD leader,Raila Odinga,would beat Jubilee Party leader,Uhuru Kenyatta to become the fifth president of the republic of Kenya

A graph, which is carefully analyzed, shows Raila winning the seat by more than 500,000 votes, if the turn out will remain the same as that of 2013.

Out of the 15 million registered voter, Raila will garner 8.8 million against Uhuru’s 7.5 million votes. This will make a difference of more than 500,000 votes.

Analysts say Uhuru’s popularity is equivalent to that of Kibaki in 2006, which was below 45 %.Which means if he doesn’t do something extraordinary, he would lose to Raila.

Uhuru is banking on Kikuyu and Kalenjin votes,who are believed to be unhappy with the current regime.

Below is the graph of how voters will cast their votes in 2017




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