See Photos of S.K Mbuga,The Ugandan Tycoon Who Owns 50 Cars.Is This The Richest Youth In East Africa?



S.K Mbuga is the Ugandan tycoon who is trending on social media. Suleiman Kabangali Mbuga popularly known as S.K Mbuga, calls himself a businessman but his businesses are not in public domain. The man, who Ugandan authority suspects he is into drugs, brags that his businesses makes more than what President Museveni makes in a year.

The Ugandan, who lives in a $1 million house in Kampala, owns a Hummers, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Range Rovers, BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguar and many other top of the range cars.He is also in the process of owning a private jet.

Mbuga is married to a beautiful wife called Angela Vivian Birungi and is planning to have his fist anniversary this year.

The richest youth in Uganda spends a total of $1,000 per day on fuel and takes lunch of between $100-$500.In total,he spends at least $5,000  per day.

To show that you are poor,see photos of sleek cars Mbuga owns.





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