Matiangi ON Fire!!If You Possess a Degree and You Never Attained C+ in KCSE,This is What Will Happen To You



Education Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi, is on fire. News reaching us indicate that Kenyans who pursued degree courses with a C plain and below In KCSE will have their degree certificates revoked, but those who completed diploma courses examined by KNEC will be spared.

It is also reported that in future, you will not be allowed to pursue a degree course without a minimum grade of C+ in KCSE unless you join a diploma course which is examined and administered by the Kenya National Examinations Council. This moves comes at a time when Kenyan universities are churning graduates in doves, making it hard for employers to pick the right employees because a good number of our graduates are half-baked.

CR Matiangi is expected to start a through audit of universities and colleges in Kenya, a move that will see some universities punished heavily for offering training to unqualified students, especially politicians.

It is also reported that universities will make it public the list of all graduates since they were incorporated so as to smoke out individuals with fake degrees and forged certificates. It means that there will be a database which would distinguish genuine degree holders and those who love short cuts.

If what you have read above will be implemented, education standards will rise significantly and lazy Kenyans and academic dwarfs will be placed where they belong .



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