List of Courses offered at Baraton University


A list of courses offered at Baraton University include Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.

Baraton University is located few Kilometres from Eldoret Town and is one of the most disciplined universities in Kenya.It is owned by SDA Church.The courses offered here range from certificates,diploma,degree,masters and PhD.Some of the best courses offered at Baraton include Nursing and Mathematics.

The following is a list of the courses offered at Baraton University.

Department of Agriculture
Courses Offered
• 1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSc Agriculture)
• 2. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Specialization in Animal Science)
• 3. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Specialization in Crop and Soil Science)
• 4. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Specialization in Horticultural Science)
• 5. Bachelor of Science in Agri-Business (Specialization in Agri- Business)
• 6. Bachelor of Technology in Agriculture (BT Agriculture)
• 7. Minor in Agriculture.
• 8. Specially Designed Programme for BEd Students Qualifying them to Teach Agriculture in Secondary Schools.
Department of Chemistry
Courses Offered
• 1. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
o a) Analytical Chemistry Option
o b) Biochemistry Option
o c) Industrial Chemistry with Management Option
o d) Industrial chemistry with Management Option- Upgrading
o e) General Chemistry Option
• 2. Minor in Chemistry
• 3. Diploma in Analytical chemistry
• 4. Diploma in Industrial chemistry
Department of Education, Administration, Curriculum And Teaching
Courses Offered
• i)Pre-University (bridging course)
• ii)Diploma in Adult Education
• iii) Diploma in Education
• iv) Bachelor of Education (Arts)
• v) Bachelor of Education (Science)
• vi) Bachelor of Education (Primary)
• vii) Post Graduate Diploma in Education
• viii) Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching)
• ix) Master of Education (Educational Administration)
• x) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education (Curriculum and Teaching)
• xi) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education (Educational Administration)
Department of Nursing
Courses Offered
• Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) Community Health Nursing Option. (See Post-Graduate Bulletin)
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Courses Offered
• 1. Nutrition and Dietetics
• 2. Foods and Nutrition
• 3. Hotel and Hosp Management
• 4. Fashion and Textile Design
• 5. Social Work
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Courses Offered
• 1. Bachelor of Science (BSc) In Mathematics
• 2. Minor In Mathematics
• 3. Minor In Applied Statistics
• 4. Minor In Physics
Department Of Psychology
Courses Offered
• 1. Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology
• 2. Associate Degree in Counselling Psychology
• 3. Minor in Counselling Psychology
• 4. Minor in Psychology
• 5. Minor in Health Psychology
Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Courses Offered
• 1. Bachelor of Arts in Theology
• 2. Bachelor of Arts in Religion
• 3. Minor in Religion
Department of Music
Courses Offered
• 1. Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance
• 2. Bachelor of Music in Music Education
• 3. Minor in Music
Department of Languages and Literature
Courses Offered
• 1. Bachelor of Arts in English Language
• 2. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
• 3. Bachelor of Arts in French
• 4. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
• 5. Bachelor of Arts in Literature
• 6. Minor in English Language
• 7. Minor in French
• 8. Minor in Kiswahili
• 9. Minor in Literature
• 10. Minor in Linguistics
• 11. Certificate in French
• 12. Certificate in English
• 13. Certificate in Kiswahili
• 14. Certificate in German
• 15. Certificate in Lingala


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