How Criminals Steal from Job Seekers in Kenya



Unemployment has become rampant, a situation that has created thousands of criminals who steal from innocent job seekers. We are going to reveal tricks these criminals use to steal from innocent job seekers.

First, let me reveal what happened to me 5 years ago when I lost Ksh 10,200 to criminals.

I was in the process of job searching when I saw a job advert in one of the popular blogs. The job entailed working at an NGO as M&E officer. In the advert, the salary quoted was $3,500 per month. I was excited to see this figure.

Requirements for the job included a basic university degree with no amount of experience. This one got me in.

I went ahead and applied for the opportunity.

After three days I got a reply that I had passed my first interview and that I was to fill a form which they sent and wait for further instructions after I had submitted the employment form. I did it as my hands could type. I submitted the fully filled form.

Two days later, they told me I had all the qualifications needed for me to get the job, but told me I had to do an aptitude test.They referred me to 3 companies based in Kenya which offer aptitude test.After going through the profiles of the companies, I realized they were offering the stated aptitude tests. One of the companies, which is based in Kileleshwa, according to their website details, told me that the cost of the aptitude was Ksh10, 200.They gave me their phone number which I sent the cash through and received the tests.

I did the easy tests and submitted. Since then I am still waiting for a response from the recruiter. I realized I was conned.

This is one of the many ways you can be conned by criminals in Kenya.

The second and most obvious way you can be conned is when you apply for a job and after few days, the advertiser tells you that according to their company policies, you must undergo medical test and pay for insurance cover. They ask you for some money for the exercise. In most cases, they ask for Ksh320 or Ksh280, which the job seeker would see as little.

The third way you can be conned is by paying a recruiting agency some money so as to get employed. For your information, these companies just keep your CVs, they never bother to forward to recruiters. When they notice that your subscription period is almost offer, they call you for an interview for non-existing vacancy, so as to give you false hope and ensure you pay more money as they pretend to help you.