Bonoko Buys a Range Rover (photos)



Ghetto Radio’s Bonoko has acquired a brand new Range Rover.

The former street boy imported the expensive German machine last month, which he flaunted before his friends and fans.

Bonoko, who is semi illiterate, earns close to Ksh500, 000 per month, the money most professionals dream of pocketing-thanks to his unique accent.

Sources at Ghetto Radio intimate that Bonoko sold his Subaru car,where he used the amount plus a loan he acquired from a local bank to buy the new toy.

He becomes one of the few celebrities in Kenya with such fuel guzzlers, others who drive such sleek cars include Betty Kyalo,who drives a Porsche,Maina Kageni,who drives BMW X6 and Hot 96s Jalango who drives a Bentley.

Below is Bonoko’s car.


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