Why The Government Won’t Arrest Raila Over Hate Speech



Rumours are that the government is planning to issue opposition leader,Raila Odinga,with arrest warrant over claims of hate speech, but be sure Raila won’t be arrested.

There are several reasons why the government won’t arrest the NASA presidential candidate over hate speech. The first reason is that this is campaign period, where each politician will say anything to win voters. In Kajiado, Raila stated that the locals should not sell their land to outsiders. By saying outsiders, Raila did not mention any tribe, meaning his statement did not bear evidence of hate speech.

The second reason why the government will not dare arrest him is that in case they do so, Raila will get sympathy votes and eventually he will defeat the ruling party in presidential polls. The Jubilee government will, however, keep the evidence for future use.

The third reason is that Raila commands support across the country. The government fears for the unknown..in case they arrest him,demostrations might be witnessed, which may culminate to violence.

In the meantime, the evidence will be kept and submitted later to ICC.


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