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Jubilee Party Has Run out of Propaganda—Time is Running Out!!!!!!



Jubilee Party has run out of propaganda.

The ruling party has for the last two months tried to create propaganda after propaganda against Raila, but each time they try to release them to the public, they backfire. Sources intimate to us that the party has now exhausted all the propaganda they had and are scheduled to hold a brainstorming meeting to create at least three propaganda topics to be used in the coming month.

Among the list of propaganda topics which have backfired include:

  1. ICC
  2. Kalonzo Senate Nomination
  3. Kalonzo leaving NASA
  4. NASA is broke
  5. Land

It’s also reported that the SGR launch was not perfectly executed even after several adverts were run on several media houses. It’s said the UNGA topic overshadowed the SGR topic, forcing the country to forget about this flagship project.Uhuru had banked on this project for his re-election campaign but it seems Kenyans forgot about it as soon as it was launched…life is back to normal.

Most Kenyans are also not interested to hear about electricity and roads, because these are normal topics- they want to hear about jobs, low cost of living and food, since these are the most basic needs.

Though Jubilee has achieved a lot, especially the Huduma Center, Interest Rates and the SGR, very few Kenyans view these projects as great achievements.