Raila’s speech Has Leaked.Here is What He Will Say During NASA Manifesto Launch



Raila’s speech has leaked, and here is what he will say during  the launch of NASA Manifesto .

My fellow Kenya our country kenya is in big trouble, Uhuru and Ruto have for 4 years have taken loans four times what the three combined government have not borrowed for 50 years. That is 4 trillion shillings. This money you, me our children and our children’s children will struggle to pay back. money that has gone into pockets of few greedy individuals.

I could make my bid for the presidency about the long part that I have taken in fight for freedom, for all liberty for all and fair play for every kenya. It can be about prison cells, detention camps , threats of death and torture and humiliation beating and isolation.

I could place my presidential quest, to the fact that I lead the team that ended 40 years of kanu leadership in 2002 through the RAINBOW movement. Then begun the process of building kenya whose social, democratic and economic foundation had been destroyed in previous years.

I could talk about my achievement with presidency Kibaki, we brought free primary education ,expanded the roads network, reduced our dependence on the donor funds, and crafted an economic recovery strategy that saw our country move to a negative of 7% growth rate ,I could also talk about my work as the prime minister in the grand coalition government we delivered the new 2010 constitution which introduced counties and devolution because I have always believed for kenya to be great we must be great for all Kenyans.

But today my country men, my stand is always for the truth that we can’t continue being lead by people whose idea of the government is for creating opportunities only for the riches and the connected. Those cute speeches, dancing cool, tweeting Facebooking. Looking cool will not deliver this country from shackles of hunger, disease, insecurity and poverty. You had 4 years of showbiz and it’s not working. 20 million educated and qualified Kenyans remain jobless, factories and businesses are shutting down and some relocating to other countries.

In this day and age, in the 21st century its extremely painful that we as the people we are unable to feed our children the truth is that we need a leadership that understands and appreciates how deep the situation is. Uhuru Kenyatta does not but I do.

I Raila Odinga, am running for running to be president of kenya and I understand there are challenges and I believe they can be overcome. We have been on the brink of collapse before and we have emerged victorious in each of those moments because we chose kenya over a set of individuals.

Join me now on the journey to take back kenya.

Together you and I can remake this country so that this time kenya can belong to all Kenyans.