Luo Man Sells His Wife for Ksh50,000 To Get Money to Campaign for Raila



A Luo man in Kisumu has shocked his neighbors after he sold his wife for Ksh50, 000 to get funds for Raila’s campaigns.

Mr Otieno made the bold step this weekend, when he circulated information that he was selling his wife to the highest bidder. The hawker said he is not in a position to see Raila lose again after witnessing him cry in 2007.

Yesterday, several men thronged to Kondele to bid for the petite woman, each wearing the best attire to attract the attention of Mr Otieno.

After close to 40 minutes of bidding, Mr Aliwa,a butcher, offered to pay Otieno Ksh 50,000,which the hawker grabbed and walked away. Aliwa was presented with the woman, who will become his wife for two months before she return to Otieno.

On being asked why he did so,Otieno replied:

“Bibi sio sabuni ya kuisha,huyu ndugu yangu atakuwa na yeye miezi miwili ndio anirudishie.Sasa nimeamua kumfanyia baba kampeni ili ammwage Uhuru.”

Otieno will be forced to stay without the joto for 2 months:meanwhile Aliwa will have a field day.