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Degree Courses That Take Less Than 3 Years in Kenya



Do you know you can pursue a degree course in less than 3 years in Kenya? We have a list of undergraduate programmes that you can join in 2017 and by 2019 you are a graduate.

Various universities have set rules regarding the duration specific courses should take to completion. Medicine & Surgery takes at least 5 years in all university. Engineering courses take at least 4 years. This is because the courses are detailed and cover a lot of practical work. It’s not realistic for a student to complete the syllabus within 2 and half years.

Computer Science and IT related courses also take more than 4 years while Actuarial Science and mathematics related courses take at least 3 years in most universities.

Realistically speaking, the tougher the course the longer it takes a student to cover the syllabus.

Generally, public universities have tougher rules compared to private universities. Since public universities are owned by the government, they seem to have uniform rules regarding their syllabus and duration a course should take. Most of the undergraduate programmes in these universities take 4 years.

Private universities have flexible rules, they can allow a student to pursue a course to completion for two and half years. So if your intention is to complete a course within 3 years, you should join a private university. A list of the courses that take shortest time include:

  1. Bachelor of Economics
  2. Bachelor of journalism & Mass Communication
  3. Bachelor of International Relations
  4. Bachelor of Psychology & Counseling
  5. Bachelor of Political Science
  6. Bachelor of Education
  7. Bachelor of Commerce
  8. Bachelor of Public Relations
  9. Bachelor of Music
  10. Bachelor of Arts
  11. Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality
  12. Bachelor of Customer Car & Front Office
  13. Bachelor of Graphic Design
  14. Bachelor of Human Resources Management