Kahawa Wendani/Sukari Estate Apartments-Prices



Kahawa Wendani is one of the most popular estates along Thika Road. The estate has excellent apartments with elegant finishing. Prices of these houses are relatively cheap and accommodating to the ones in need.

Why Kahawa Wendani?

Kahawa Wendani is next to Kenyatta University and a stone throw away from Thika super Highway. The estate has so many attractive things that would make one to make it the first choice when searching for a comfortable house along Thika Road. One of the features that attract people is security. Due to the presence of Army Barracks, people find peace as residents of Kahawa Wendani.Issues of security are minimal.

Most of the houses in Kahawa Wendani are new and have excellent finishing, unlike Githurai where more than half of the houses were constructed a decade ago.

Kahawa Wendani is also less populated. This is definitely one of the things that would attract people who need less noise and more comfort.

Schools.There are several schools surrounding this estate, which include: Kenyatta University and Peponi School.


Most apartments at Kahawa Wendani are constructed to have one bedroom, with a few bed sitters to accommodate university students.A one bedroom house goes for Ksh 13,000-Ksh17,000 while a bed sitter goes for Ksh 6,000-Ksh 8,500.A two bedroom house, which are scarce, go for Ksh18,000 to Ksh 25,000.