How to Trap a Rich Man for Marriage



Do you know you can trap a rich man for marriage? But before we discuss the best tricks to employ, here are reasons why you should marry a rich man.


A rich man is definitely loaded. Once you are married to this person, you will have lots of money, which the poor will salivate to have. Money is everything, the source of happiness, the source of love and the source of respect.


A rich man has invested in pension, real estate, stock market and several other segments. When the man dies you will inherit all the property and enjoy life afterwards.

Good life

Every woman wants to have good life. Since you know this, and you are sure a poor man won’t sustain your desired lifestyle, certainly a rich man is the one to trap.


Money rules. When you get married to a rich man, your status improves, consequently you gain respect.

Money is everything

Nobody should cheat you that money is not everything-this statement always come from a broke man who can’t afford a classy woman. Money is everything and when you have it, you will smile even when others are mourning.

Basically, these are the main advantages of marrying a rich guy, and here is how to trap him.

Give birth to his child.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to give birth to his child. Once he knows you have his child, he would rather marry you than engage you in court cases for child upkeep.

Joint investments

Make sure you have joint investments .When you invest together, he will figure out the loss he will undergo if he sets you free. The man will eventually marry you.

Contribute ideas

A rich man gets excited when you come up with ideas to help improve his businesses. The moment he realizes you are resourceful, he will strive to put you closer by proposing for a wedding.

Don’t show him you are a gold digger

Many rich guys have toiled to reach where they are financially. When they find a woman whose intention is to squander the money, they get bored and dump you. The best thing is to pretend you are not for the money but in the back of your mind you are targeting that bank account.