How to Become a Blogger Without Owning a Website


How to Become a Blogger Without Owning a Website

Most people think that being a blogger you must own a website, which is not the case. You can become a blogger without having an active blog, and here is what to do.

First I would like to make most of you, especially people who don’t understand who a blogger is.A blog is not necessarily an individual who makes noise on social media. A blogger is that person that provides information that is rare among the regular persons. A blogger is an individual that performs through research on a topic, package an idea and present it to his readers.

There are many ways of becoming a blogger, which include:

  • Owning a blog
  • Owning popular Facebook/Twitter accounts
  • Owning popular LinkedIn account
  • Owning a WhatsApp page

We shall skip the first point and concentrate on Facebook, WhatsApp Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

As you know, bloggers must find a way of generating income from their work, and this is the most important part of blogging. To reach this level, you have to be good in what you do.Later,we shall show you how to make money from your blog.

In website-free blogging, the journey begins by figuring out a topic that excites masses. As you are aware, in social media you have to be controversial or at least have extremely exciting content for you to make people like your social media pages. So you have to come with a topic that’s not boring and package it well. Initially, you will have to sponsor your pages until they reach a point where they can naturally grow.

Once your page reaches a point where you believe it’s popular, start looking for ways of generating income. The first thing to do is, join affiliate marketing.

You can join these two affiliate marketing programs:

SellHeallth affiliate

Kilimall affiliate

There are also several other affiliate marketing programs you can join.

After enrolling for the programs, you will be required to share links on your social media pages, but ensure you don’t overuse the links. Having too many links might impact your influence negatively.

Affiliate marketing works in such a way that when you share a link and someone buys a product through the link, you earn attractive commission.

The second method you will use is to market products for companies.

For those who aren’t familiar with blogging, you will be surprised that not all stories you read from various blogs and social media account are generated by the blogger, some stories are sponsored. What happens is that a company will write a ‘serious article’ about their products and tell you to post it at a cost. In most cases a single article costs $10-$100.Assuming you have 10 articles per month, you will make upwards of $1000.

The third method to employ is to sell your products. This one is the best as you are not sharing profits with anyone. For instance, if you have electronics shop, you will occasionally sneak in information about your products into stories you post. If you are good at convincing readers, you will watch as your company grows.

If you have a WhatsApp group that has people with common interests, you can use it to share information about your products and articles you could wish to post on a blog. In the stories, you will provide links to products you are promoting.

The last and most popular is to become social media manager/consultant.

You are aware politicians and influential personalities have little time to spend on social media. These people often engage the services of bloggers, who manage their accounts on regular basis .The bloggers are compensated handsomely.

Even though you don’t have to own a website to become a blogger, it’s highly necessary that you own one. To start a blog, you require $100-$300.You start by purchasing a domain (here is the link) and linking your domain with a WordPress theme(here is a link).Later you can use SEMrush tool to promote your blog .