Shocking!!!This is How Boinnet Answered Linus Kaikai’s Interview Questions



Inspector of Police, Joseph Boinnet had a chance to explain why the police manhandled the University of Nairobi students.In an exclusive interview with NTV’s Linus Kaikai,the IG gave the following answers:

LINUS: Why are police becoming so brutal? Is it because extrajudicial killing of people has become rampant in this country?

Boinnet: We now have enough cars and equipments to facilitate patrol around the country to tame increase in crime rates especially in our slums.

LINUS: What actions are you going to take against police officers who shall be found culpable of excessive use of force?

Boinnet: We have promised to protect people’s lives and their properties. We shall not allow NASA supporters to cause violence and wreck havoc in this city.

LINUS: We have watched clips of students being clobbered by officers in their hostels and classes which is naturally unacceptable. What’s your take?

Boinnet: Security guards cannot company their bosses to protests. They are police and have the duty to maintain law and order. That is why we withdrew Raila’s security.

LINUS: The Nairobi business community has promised to counter NASA protests tomorrow, how will the police contain this situation?

Boinnet: It is our duty to ensure that we smoke out those bandits in Laikipia to restore peace and order in that area.

LINUS: What is your closing remarks to those who are watching you this night as we head to the elections as security boss?

Boinnet: I am warning the IEBC not to allow UNDP to procure ballot papers because we shall arrest them. They should also not succumb to the demands of the opposition. Thank you!